Difference Between Commercial Music and Entertainment Music

Commercial music is different from entertainment music and it's important to keep that separation in mind when you produce.

The goal of commercial music is to make music that works well with visuals. Think of background music in television, games, film, ect. Commercial music enhances those visuals and adds something of value to the production. Commercial music may not be very entertaining but to a music supervisor, editor, video producer, the value is in how useful it is and how well it sync's to the visuals.

Entertainment music on the other hand is made for pure enjoyment. What you're making is music for the sake of making music. It is different from commercial music in that the usefulness doesn't matter at all. When you are producing an album the goal is just to make a kick ass album and that's it.

Having a clear separation of these two concepts is important if you are pursuing commercial music and music licensing. Now I am not saying don't try to license your albums. You absolutely should. There are publishers that want that music, but if your are submitting entertainment music to commercial music libraries you might have a difficult time selling licenses, getting music approved, and having success.

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