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Sometimes when it comes to writing it's better to start off with a quote. So when asked, with all the competition out there, why choose Tunefruit?
Good question.  We'd like to say it's because of our strikingly good looks and highbrow fashion statements.  Or, maybe because we're friendly to the earth and the environment.  But more to the point - it's because we feel like we've built a better mousetrap.  A mousetrap that is fast, clean, and dare we say… sexy.  In other words, Tunefruit rocks.  We think you will like it. Or else.
Interesting right. So what is Tunefruit?
Tunefruit is a modern music marketplace – a site connecting a wide variety of content contributors with all sorts of end-users.  In the old days (like last year) this type of site was referred to as ‘Royalty Free’ or ‘Production Music.  We prefer to call what we offer you 'Micro Licensing'... it's more web 2.0, and appeals to our hipster sensibilities.  Introducing Tunefruit – a better mousetrap.  We’re hip, fun, fresh, loaded with great content and easy to use.  The people that run it are hip, fun, fashionable, and easy to work with.  In a nutshell we sell cool music to cool people for cool projects.  Isn’t that cool?
With this review, I want to talk about the Pro's and Con's of Tunefruit.


One of the best features of Tunefruit is it's simplicity. From the moment you hit the homepage you've got one option, find the music you're after as easy as possible. The search is incredibly intuitive and the results display quickly in a waveform grid. There's no mess or clutter, just relevant music. In addition, you can filter the results using additional keywords, genre's, or duration to quickly narrow down the results further.

Along with the ease of search, the quality of the music is equally impressive. They are one of the few libraries that follows quality over quantity when it comes to their music. All the music accepted to their library goes through a vigorous quality review process.

Tunefruit also allows you to download a watermarked version of the music before you purchase a license. This allows you to try the music in your project before you have to worry about making a financial decision.

When you're ready to purchase a license. Tunefruit offers a 5 tier pricing model which specific licenses to match the end use. The terms of the license are not written in legalese but in simple terms that are easy to understand.

You don't have to register or create an account to be able to purchase a license either. Find the track, pick the license, add it to the cart, then pay for it via credit card. Again quick, simple and easy.

Well not everything can be rainbows and sunshine but with Tunefruit their really isn't much in the way of con's, especially for buyers.

The only issue that might come up is that Tunefruit only offers music in their library but not sound effects.


Tunefruit is music licensing made simple. They got the formula right and are a great option for media creators looking for music. I highly recommend them.

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