Keywording Your Music: An Art to Master

Every musician and producer wants to be heard. In today's world, the internet can't be ignored as a great way to go about doing that. The amount of people you can reach with your music is almost hard to visualize. The world is a big place.

To get your music out there and noticed, you need to be taking advantage of keywords. Whether you are uploading music, publishing videos, licensing music in music libraries, or anything else, keywords help get you found.

I wanted to take some time today to share some tips on keywording so you can maximize your chances of being heard.

Making a Good Title
A good title is really your music's first impression and is valuable for positioning in some search algorithms. Titling is something to be conscious about. Be unique when you do it. You can always add additional keywords later. YouTube is a great example because you can pack keywords in with the title.

Remember though, before people know you or your music, the title can really help get someone's attention enough to check you out.

People read your description, use them for reposts, and are used by search algorithms to determine relevance. When you are describing your music get creative. Think about what keywords you can use but still be interesting. Adjectives work well for this.

Another good technique is thinking about someone you admire reading your description and checking out your music. It might help motivate you to visualize that when you write.

Keywording works best if you follow along the same lines as a journalist gathering a story.
  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Why
When you think WHO, picture your audience. Who will like this music, who are you, whose on the track, who are similar artists? Try to use 5-10 of these type of keywords.

Next is the WHAT. What is this music? Is it an instrumental, what genre, what sub genre, whats the tempo, what are the instruments in the track, what's the music about, ect.  Aim for around 5-10 keywords.

Then comes WHEN. Think about when as a time adjectives. Examples include: modern, classical, futuristic, vintage, retro,ect. You wont need many of these, a couple will do.

Finally the WHY. Think about why as is this music affecting someone. Is the music happy, sad, powerful, dramatic? Why keywords are all about feelings and emotions. These are important so use around 10-15 of them.

A great free keywording tool is: Keyword Tag Generator

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading, and please feel free to share, like or comment below!

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