Best Sites to License and Sell Stock Music

As I advance through the music business one of the main questions I've asked myself is where are the best music libraries and publishers for my music. I suppose that's the million dollar question. The problem is it's not an easy question to answer. Every library is unique. Some music might be popular on one market or library while being completely nonexistent on another. There are libraries however that stand out as pretty good for a lot of different producers.

I wanted to take some time and go over those libraries.

The first music library I'm going to talk about is Pond5. You should get your music on here. It is a great market for licensing and offers many benefits for producers. Pond5 is easy to create a producer account and there isn't a long application process. As soon as you've setup your account, you can begin uploading music. There is a review process but it's generally pretty quick compared to a lot of other libraries.

Another thing I like about Pond5 is you can set your own prices. When you make a sale you keep 50% which is pretty fair for a non-exclusive marketplace.

In addition to music, Pond5 is a one stop shop for media creators. This gives them tons of traffic from people shopping for media. This gives you a lot of potential to have great sales.

Once you start getting sales you will be paid on the 15th of every month through either Paypal, Skrill, prepaid Mastercard, global bank transfer or check. They have always paid me on time, every month, with no problems. I highly recommend them.

The next option for licensing your music is through YouLicense, which is actually more of a platform then a music library. They use a tiered licensing system which can automated for instant quick licenses. The price is determined by the end use so it's fair for you and the person wanting to license your music. You can check out YouLicense in action here: Licensing

You can try YouLicense free but you are limited to 10 tracks. If you want to add more  you'll have to upgrade to the Pro Membership.

Finally, the last but not least music library is Audiosparx. They've been in the music game for a while and it's one of the few places I trust for exclusive music. They have a number of benefits but what I like is their pricing and distribution.

There are tons of music libraries and publishers out there to choose from. The best place to research them is the Music Library Report. Basically this is a place where other producers rate the music libraries and share their experiences. I highly recommend checking this site out.

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