Supernatural Attacks After Waking up from the Mandela Effect

For me, the Mandela Effect has woke me up to the understanding that reality is dynamic. It's a total trip, and honestly there is no going back. There is no way to convince anyone who is unaffected this is real. To be honest, I've gotten to the point where I don't even give a shit to try. Believe whatever you want. This information is for the people that are affected.

The ME throws a total wrench into what you think you know. For me, it happened almost instantly. A random video came up which I happened to click. During the course of the video, boom. It wasn't like I got interested, researched anything, and came to a conclusion over days and weeks. It was more like what the fuck, almost instantly. From there I was up for days just trying to come to grips with it, and so the journey began.

This was around July 2016, so I've been dealing with this for well over a year. I'm to the point where nothing shocks me anymore. There is a time when you first become aware of the changes and you dig into it, and dig into it. For a window of time it's like every change just blows your mind. Then the day comes where you experience a flip flop. Enjoy that day because any shadow of a doubt you had of your memory being fallible, goes completely out the window.

It doesn't stop there either. The next thing that started occurring more and more regularly was the synchronicity. Every time I'd look at a clock, the numbers made some sort of sense. I'd see things like 11:11, 9:11, 12:21 or my phone would say it's 33 degrees outside and my battery has 33% left. Then the even more bizarre would be conversations manifesting physical things into being which I'd see. So take a weird example like having a conversation about some random thing like a purple elephant, next thing you'd be at a gas station and the cashier happens to be wearing a shirt that has a purple elephant on it.

Just very strange things like that, but again, it doesn't stop. It becomes almost like a normal day after awhile. It really starts to isolate you and makes it hard to relate to anyone because you'll hear people talking about the bullshit going on in their life, just normal little life problems, and it's like you think that's rough, how about experiencing my world for a day.

Wake up to the Truman Show we're living in, and all those little problems seem so unimportant. The thing I've come to know is that the Mandela Effect either shifts you to a new reality, or just wakes you up to how it's always been. Either way, you are not in Kansas anymore. Once you've really come to that understanding we don't live in a physical/mechanical world, then it really starts getting real when the supernatural shit really starts to kick off.

For me it started when I started noticing whenever I was feeling really positive/happy, something would come a long and just take me down a peg. It was very strange at first because without fail, I'd be buzzing along just feeling like a kid in this new reality and boom something would try to pull me back into this matrix. It was the first type of supernatural attack. You can call them what you want, but there is a dark force in this reality and you will become familiar with their lies and how to spot them.

I don't want to put you in a state of fear reading that. I believe God allows this because through my personal experience I can tell you one thing. I don't fear these pieces of shit. I feel that God has put me and you through this experience to shine a light onto these things. Through Jesus, you can cast these things out, you have dominion over them, and they know it. The problem is you don't know that yet.

They will play on your fears, almost like it's food to them. They want you in fear, and want to take that energy from you so that they can use it for their needs. Starve them. I don't know about the rest of you but the reality I find myself in is like a satanic Truman show. These entities will hold you in a cycle of fear, until you overcome it. This is how my progress has went.

The first spiritual attack centered around building me up, to bring me down. I realized that every time I was vibing high, it never failed that someone, or something, would happen that tried to steal that joy. This is the first attack I experienced, and  you will probably experience too. You have to know this is what is going on and realize they are using a fear against you. A lot of it has to do with letting go.

What I mean by this is letting go of the Earthly things that used to matter. They will be used against you every time. Take money for example. This is a big one. If you're looking at getting a head like oh yeah the Mandela Effect happened but I still got a life and bills to pay for and are focused on that, maybe you'll get a promotion. Then not only is the promotion terrible, but then you get fired. You have to know you're in the Truman Show here. It's designed to build you up, to harvest your energy. Let it go. You are in a new place now, and none of that shit matters.

Once you let go of that fear of letting go, and recognize that God will provide the doors for you to walk through, then you've defeated that demonic tool. They have a lot of tricks in there toolbox though, which God will allow you to experience so you can defeat them.

You need to put on the full armor of God, and know the sword of truth because this spiritual war is relentless. It never stops. This is a war for souls, and the Lord needs soldiers. The only reason we are being tested is to overcome these forces. How can you cast out demons, if you fear them?

So the first spiritual attack I faced, and probably you are facing is the building up to bring you down. For me, once I've gotten over that then a more disturbing reality presented itself. With this the people began to change. The best way I can describe this was it was like being around possessed people. Not fully, not like Hollywood makes it out to be, but it was subtle.

You'd be talking to someone, friend or family, and they'd just seem a little different. Next thing you know they say something kind of demonic. It's hard to describe until you experience it, but it makes you question physically whose around you. Are these people empty vessels, are demons possessing them, what the fuck is going on.

What I've come to realize is much like Christians have the holy spirit, and God can speak through them, the opposite also appears to be true. These people are not really "possessed" but can be used as a tool to threaten you, bring you down, or just make you worry for that persons physical well being. It's all about fear though. They are using a tool to harvest fear from you. Pray for these people, show them love, bring holiness to them, and it will stop.

It stops because it no longer puts you in fear. That's their goal. Starve them of that then the next little trick comes out. For me, that was a complete show of force. I started telling people yeah, we are pretty much living in a satanic Truman show. All this shit really appears to be manufactured. I realized as I was doing that, a car would slam on their horn, a loud plane would fly by, weird people would start walking by.

Literally, all these little distractions. Then I began to notice all these people wearing sunglasses just staring at me. It wouldn't fail. I'd start talking about this simulation type reality next thing you know the distractions would come up, followed by people just walking around in sun glasses. I could literally be in a park with virtually no one there, I'd start talking about this and next thing the park would be full of people. People would drive by in sunglasses. Just like a show of force, until one day it escalated while I was driving and I was just surrounded by all these people in sunglasses just staring at me.

What I think it all meant was to be an intimidation obviously to show me, I'm all alone. I'm surrounded by these things, and I had no one to run to. I ran to Jesus though, and the Lord protects me. The only reason you see these things is because God allows you to see them. To really get a handle on the situation at hand. Now the other thing is it's a show of force to get you to stop talking about it. Which makes me think, I'm a pretty big fucking threat if they are going through all this effort.

Which if you are seeing these type of attacks, you most be a pretty big threat too. So you need to understand one thing, they are afraid of you and what you represent. When you are saved by Jesus, you are a new creature. You were crucified with Christ the day you were saved. You are a solider of God in this war, and you are starting to know it. With God all things are possible.

So you pass this little test, it still doesn't end, they just move onto a new cycle as soon as you break the fear cycle you're in. I've even experienced an assault in a dream. I had an experience with sleep paralysis shortly after the eclipse. My experience was this, I was in my bed but I couldn't move. I felt a suffocating feeling that prevented me from speaking and my body didn't work. Next thing you know my hands were pulled in front of my face and my fingers started to get pulled back. I knew I was not experiencing reality but was in a type of dream, and I struggled to speak.  I used every bit of effort to say Jesus Christ save me, and I woke up instantly.

As soon as the words came out of my mouth it was over. Again, it was a pretty intense experience, but it makes you that much stronger. You learn the dirty little tricks these things play, and you learn how to combat them.

Another supernatural attack I've experienced has come in the way of synchronicity being used to attack. I was listening to some music one night, watching music videos and what not and really was getting it to it. Well next thing you know a song came on just randomly. Had the CBS eye in the corner, the musician had one eye covered up, and this was like a 10 year old video.

Anyway, it was real ominous and next thing you know he stops singing, and says something that I felt was a threat directed at me. It was real fucked up, and I turned it off. You have to realize that if your affected and having the same type of testing experiences their weapon is fear.

As long as they can put you in a cycle of fear that you don't overcome, you will stay there. You are meant to overcome this though. To battle through this and graduate this boot camp. How are you to fight the spiritual wickedness of this world if you fear these things even slightly.

I hope in some way this helps someone. You are not alone. Thanks for reading and God bless!

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