5 Main Theories of Mandela Effected Individuals

I've been trying to make sense of this Mandela experience ever since it occurred. I can't convince you of anything regarding it. For me their is so much overwhelming evidence, it's rocked me. If it hasn't effected you then this may seem not make any sense. You are right, you have the overwhelming proof. Believe what you want to believe. To those that are affected however, this article is for you.

Since first experiencing the effect I've had many theories as to what is happening, as well as keeping an open mind to the theories of others. I've decided to share where I am at and add to the discussion.

For me there seems to be 5 hypothesis that are being discussed that make some sort of sense. Most of the theories fall into these broad categories or are subcategories of them.

The first theory is that our consciousness creates our shared virtual reality. In this system love is the optimal state. Fear limits this system, but once you awaken your consciousness to living in love, the more profound your ability to positively effect your reality and the shared reality system. For references check My Big Toe by Thomas Campbell.

The next theory is that this is the Great Deception. In this theory we are noticing biblical fulfillment of the end of days. The message I hear on my heart says don't be afraid. The message of God is love. Jesus is love. Live in love. Peace. A simple message. If you believe this is biblical then you should also believe without a shadow of a doubt God is with you and has your back. Don't live in fear. Trust God.

The next theory is that we are dead. The rapture happened as soon as we experienced the effect, and this is the new reality in which we live. Again with this theory, love is the optimal state. If that is what happened, it happened. For me, I still have everyone I care about in this reality. No person is missing due to this reality experience. If death is like a rebirth, perhaps this reality shift is the change we spent our whole lives fearing.

The 4th theory is that we are ascending, and these changes are part of the ascension process. There is a time we are asleep, and are awoke almost immediately as soon as the effect is discovered. From there we gain a new understanding of reality and focus on ascending from a 4d universe to a 5d by resonating at a higher love frequency. Fear on the other hand lowers the vibration and stalls the ascension process.

Finally, the last theory deals with human behavior or AI causing a splitting or merging of timelines. With this school of thought CERN, quantum computers, and various other human/AI activity is affecting reality and these changes are a direct result. Again if this is happening, for whatever reason it is not affecting everyone.

Right now, I have an open mind to these theories. My compass for navigating this reality is love. No matter what, love is the best guide and is the optimal state. We have been awaken to an understanding that reality is dynamic. The implication is profound.

At this point, I am still exploring but I can tell you for me, I ran straight to Jesus on this one. My faith is with God and I will not live in a state of fear. All things are possible for those that believe. Perhaps the meaning of life is coming to realization that we never left heaven, God is with us always.

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I look forward to hearing your ideas and perspective.

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