How to Send Music Demos and Get Heard

The music business can seem like a very tough nut to crack, and at times that is most certainly true. You have to understand the business is setup like a pyramid. The further you try to advance up, the harder it is to get heard by the "gate keepers." Although the internet has created a new playing field for independent musicians, the fact is that you eventually need other people to help you level up.

The Loudness War Killed by Streaming?

With new advances in streaming and volume normalization becoming standardized in a growing number of platforms, is the loudness war becoming redundant? Hopefully, but if you check the dynamic range in the majority of major label releases, you will still see the loudness war alive and well.

There are tracks coming out all the time with noticeable clipping and distortion. They have wave forms that look like sausages and it makes me scratch my head wondering what the hell are they thinking. It makes no sense.

Eminem's Cypher, It's not About Politics, It's About Buzz

Buzz is a music industry term. It means people talking about, writing about, or making videos about a particular artist. Buzz is a what A&R people look for when signing an up and coming artist, and buzz is the main goal before dropping an album or launching a tour.

The reason why it's important, especially when dropping an album, is buzz correlates to sales generally and the more sales the higher the odds of charting. If you can get it to chart, then it creates buzz, promotes the track under it's own steam and makes bigger money. The first week is very important to labels. All the pre-order sales, streams, and album sales physical/digital all mean they can start recouping the money it costs to create the music.