3 Ways to Find Music Publishers to get the Most Royalties From Television Placements

In this video I wanted to share 3 techniques to find music publishers getting active television placements so you can maximize your chances of television placements and royalties. 

1. Watch television Credits 
2. Music Library Report (https://musiclibraryreport.com/join/?...) 
3. Networking (Linkedin Groups, Facebook Groups, Twitter, ect)

5 Tips to Produce Production Music for Licensing and Revenue Streams

In this video I'll share 5 tips on producing production music to help give you more opportunity to license your music. 

1. Produce to Video 
2. Use Reference Tracks 
3. Create to Your Strength 
4. Arrangement (intro/verse/chorus/verse2/chorus/bridge/chorus/outro) 
5. Export Variations of Tracks (Full Length/Loop/30 second/15 second/ect)