Best Royalty Free Music Libraries to Purchase and Sell Stock Music 2017

With all business, there is a constant evolution that takes place. Some years businesses will take off while others begin to decline. The music licensing game is no different. Some music libraries gain traction as leaders while others begin to fall behind.

The best libraries share common qualities. They have high quality music, affordable pricing, easy site navigation/search functionality, simple licensing terms and quality customer service. It's important to note that to acquire quality music the libraries have to appeal to the sellers needs as well. It's a cyclical system.

So without further ado, here are the best music libraries for 2017.

How Many Tracks Do You Need to Earn $100,000 a Year From Music Licensing

One of the most important concepts about music licensing is that it's a numbers game. When I hear other producers saying they are having slow to no sales licensing their music, the first thing I check is their portfolio. Nine times out of ten their problem is they have a small or stagnant library of music.

You can't expect to be successful licensing your music if you are passively making music every once in a while. If you going to work in the music licensing world, then it's your job to make quality music regularly.

1000 True Fans: How to Make The Theory Work For You and Your Music

The 1000 True Fans Theory is an idea from Kevin Kelly that a lot of producers and musicians really need to start thinking about when pursuing their music career. People tend to think being a professional means you need to be famous in order to make a living, but that is just not true. There are plenty of talented people in the music industry making a living each year that are not celebrities or famous. This theory helps explain how this is possible.

The 1000 True Fans approach boils down to the idea, if you can reach 1000 True Fans and those people spend $100 a year on you and your music, then you'll make $100,000. Now this sounds pretty straight forward, and doable, but it's far from easy. The first thing you'll need to understand is what defines a True Fan.