How to Pitch Your Music Successfully to Licensing Pros

Pitching music comes in many forms: emails, phone calls, face to face, social networks, music networks, advertising and blogs just to name a few. All these mediums can and should be used to help promote your music to music supervisors, publishers, music editors, creative directors, video game developers, and anyone else that licenses music.

There is no secret formula to pitching your music. Even with great music, it takes time to get on the radar but you can help yourself by forming real relationships.

People want to do business with people they like. When you are pitching your music you have to remember that these people have no idea who you are, what your about, or what your music sounds like. Spamming them with a generic "Check this out: (music link)" is not how you form a real connection.

These people get flooded with music spam and most of it goes ignored. Why would they be interested in checking out an unsolicited track when they have thousands upon thousands of proven tracks already. Put yourself in their shoes and instead of thinking about what would benefit you, think about what you can do for them.

Before contacting anyone out of the blue, spend some time learning about them and how they like to be contacted. Most professionals have some sort of online presence, and a little bit of research will really help you learn about them. Remember connecting with people goes both ways.

Once you've gotten a feel for the other person, then you are ready to reach out to them. One of the best ways to do that is with a phone call. If you've already learned a little bit about them, it makes it easier to strike up a conversation. Be real, be yourself, and try to connect. Every conversation is different but ask how they like to demo new music. Then do it.

If you can't find a phone number, you might have better luck getting an email. Sending a thoughtful and direct email is an effective way to pitch your music, if you do it right. Here is guide to help you do that.


I am a full time music producer and would love the opportunity to submit my music for your
consideration. I specialize in contemporary pop, but also write in a number of other styles ranging from electronic dance music, to action underscores.

My music has been licensed by The Big Ten Network, NBC, CBS, Comedy Central, and Sony Playstation, to name a few.

Attached, you will find five Soundcloud tracks that I feel demonstrate my varying styles. If you would like to hear more, please let me know and I can provide you with more links:

Song Title (Progressive House/Deadmau5 Inspired) 

Song Title (Genre/Brief Description)

Song Title (Genre/Brief Description) 

Song Title (Genre/Brief Description) 

Song Title (Genre/Brief Description) 

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you for your time.

Warm Regards,

Your Name
Website Link
Phone Number

The music industry is all about making connections. Being active, building friendships, staying real, and creating great music are some of the best things you can do to effectively pitch your music.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share, like and comment below!

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