Eminem's Cypher, It's not About Politics, It's About Buzz

Buzz is a music industry term. It means people talking about, writing about, or making videos about a particular artist. Buzz is a what A&R people look for when signing an up and coming artist, and buzz is the main goal before dropping an album or launching a tour.

The reason why it's important, especially when dropping an album, is buzz correlates to sales generally and the more sales the higher the odds of charting. If you can get it to chart, then it creates buzz, promotes the track under it's own steam and makes bigger money. The first week is very important to labels. All the pre-order sales, streams, and album sales physical/digital all mean they can start recouping the money it costs to create the music.

People have a misconception about the music business. They think that when an artist gets to a certain level, hype just happens under their own clout. To a degree that's true but there is still a lot of money that gets spent paying for marketing and promotion, and there is also a curtain level of creativity that goes into creating buzz. There is no such thing as to much buzz.

A great movie that illustrates this is Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon. If you want to learn how a master manager works for artists, you need to watch this movie. Here is one scene out of many that illustrates a creative way to get buzz.

That is not a one off thing. The music business is smoke and mirrors in a lot of ways. You see it more and more in today's world. It's all part of the major label model. Their will be bullshit feuds, twitter beefs, staged events and nonsense. If you pay attention, it will normally always correlate to a new album or tour.

This new "drama" with Eminem bashing president Trump, and drawing a line in the sand with his fans is no different. Do you really think it's an accident that he released this video a month before his new album drops?

Every bit of mainstream media has covered the story. It's huge news. You can't get on Twitter or Facebook without people talking about. The buzz and free press is top notch, but while the focus tends to be about what he said, their is typically a side note about his new album dropping in November. It's how I found out he was dropping a new album next month. Is it how you found out he's dropping an album next month?

That line in the sand, is a call to action for the "real" fans, and lets see if they go out in droves to support the release. My money says they will. This Trump bashing video has nothing to do with politics. It's all about buzz and the new album. Things are so crazy that it wouldn't surprise me if Trump was in on it and gets a kickback from Universal.

If Eminem really wanted to make a statement about whats fucked up in politics, he'd go after the puppet masters trying to enslave the world through the central bank financial system and the secret societies they operate under. The people spreading fear, and dividing the people so they can be more easily controlled, manipulated and brainwashed. The billionaires that profit off of war, death, and enslavement.

There is no way Eminem is asleep to it. Both political parties are a complete abortion, but it doesn't really matter if you're part of the programming. I still love Eminem as person, but the fruit of this is rotten.

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