Henry The Goat

Now it's time for a story for most
It's a tale of Henry the Goat
Henry was a hero to some
Not because he stuck around
but it's about one starry night
When old Henry picked a fight
He saw a wolf come creepin' in
and that mean wolf brought a friend
Henry thought "I won't stand for this"
He drank some poison and shook his fist

The wolves saw his cocky move
Jack the wolf he's pointing at you
Jack the bad ass of the pack
Struck the first bite into Henry's back
Bill the wolf started movin' in
Bit old Henry under the chin

They squeezed so hard Henry's eye's rolled back
They thought they were in luck and scored a snack

As they ate; Henry managed a grin
because what they were eating had poison in there
Henry knew he was to old to fight
he used goat wisdom that starry night
That old goat knew he was going down
but he took out the baddest wolves in town

It's like the wise men say
easy meals don't come your way

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