Fuck Atlantic Records, and the Major Label Business Model

There are only 3 major labels left. Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group. Atlantic Records is a subsidiary of Warner Music Group, but it doesn't really matter. They all follow the same model. Use artists like whores, and when the money dries up. Drop em.

The reality tv/American Idol mindset of these labels resembles nothing close to caring about music. Money is their bottom line, and it doesn't matter how they get it. Recently Atlantic Records, signed a deal with Danielle Bregoli (also known as Bhad Bhabie).

Personally, I know nothing about Bhad Bhabie, other then something about her being on Dr. Phil and her getting attention on Instagram. I'm not going to talk shit about her, because she's a kid, and has no idea the sharks she just made a deal with. Atlantic is going to rape her with that 360 deal. Here's how that works.

They see an easy buck with this girl. She's attracted an audience, without their money, they will put her in the studio to be the face of a track they've already wrote. Some pre-packaged safe track sitting around in a library of tunes waiting for a market ready face to push it. Singles done, the label pays indie's to push the track to commercial radio stations, modern day payola, and get it out there.

They will make her feel like a big shot, but parade her around like a whore. Don't be naive how they represent woman in the music business. "Sex sells" baby. If you can't attract people with a song, you sure can with a half naked girl in their face.

If the audience she has doesn't translate into record sales, it doesn't matter. That 360 deal will take a piece of everything else she earned, and milk it for every dime. The major labels don't give a flying fuck about artists or music. They dangle "super stardom" in front of talent and fail to tell them 90-95% of the artists never recoup the advance.

Mastering a craft, focusing on real music, and developing artists is not what the major labels do. It's 100% about money and creating bullshit that is more profitable in the short term. To them, it's better to crank out 10 medicro tracks having slim profit margins, then investing more money on 1 track with a big profit margin. It's a numbers game. Return on investment. That's it.

The major label business model is garbage, and it deserves about that much respect. Fuck the major labels!

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