Making Money as a Music Producer During/After Pandemic

The 2020 pandemic has brought a lot of music producers into an unfamiliar space with a future that is completely unknown. Some see a dystopian nightmare, while others see nothing but opportunity. I see opportunity.

Pivoting is a very important idea for producers and artists to understand. It's radically changing directions. It is creating circumstances and not merely reacting to circumstances. I wanted to share some creative ways to create success with your music during/post pandemic so you can continue to live your dreams, no matter what is happening in the world. 

*unplug from the fear narrative of the world. 

This is a great time to be a producer and in the music game. Always remember, it is a game and games are meant to be fun. The more you get your mind right, the easier it is to stay in flow and allow life to work with you. Making money in the new music business is as easy as realizing money is a result of the value (love) you give to others. 

The question you have to ask yourself is this...What's the most value I can create right now?

You have tons of options to create value for others. Locally in your area you can create a lot of value as a music producer. There are local artists everywhere and they want their music to sound bad ass. You can add a lot of value to them by making their music sound great. Get involved in your local music scene, network with people, support other music businesses in town, create partnerships, ect. Now is always the time you take action. 

If you are more established, artists start seeking you out. When they do it's on you  how you want to handle the business. There is a lot producers can offer artists, even remotely or virtually. Studio time, mixing, mastering, promotion, publishing, marketing, ect. The more known the producer the more value can be given to the artist. Be upfront about your pricing when working with artists.

*Be yourself! There is only one of you, so be a light and shine bright. Be as if you are already the person you want to be and you will be. 

If the "real world" is limited in opportunity because of the pandemic or whatever, your website is the pivot move. Your business site is a reflection of you as a producer but is also a showcase for the value you can bring to artists, readers, your audience, clients, customers, whoever. 

Think of your website as your head quarters while all your social networks and promotion are tools to bring people back to your site. Almost like an octopus. The arms all flow back to the body. When it comes to your website you have 3 options: sell a service, sell a product, or sell both. 

From personally experience, I can't stress enough the value of passive income. The reason being is it's streams of money coming in that don't take additional time or attention to make.  You will love incorporating these passive elements in your website too. Especially when money is flowing effortlessly to you. A lot of times you can turn services into products, and then turn those products into new passive income streams. 

It is on you to figure out the exact game plan of selling a music service or a music product though your website, but some ideas are:

Virtual Services
-Mixing, Mastering, Skills Classes, Subscription Coaching Sessions, Live Events, Podcasts, Artist Promotion, Consulting

-Music, Merchandise, Affiliate Selling, eBooks, Music Gear, Sample Packs, Subscription News Letter

My personal path has been filled with a lot of experience in the music publishing side of the music business, which is another gigantic rabbit hole of opportunity when it comes to sync licensing deals, broadcast royalties and making passive income streams with music. 

The reality with the new music business is as you walk the path, the path appears. Listen to that inner guidance system you have already in place and take action when the opportunities manifest. This is a great time to be the first producer to succeed doing (FILL IN THE BLANK). Thanks for reading!