How to Get Proteus VX to Work in FL Studio

I tried using Proteus VX a while back with FL Studio 10 and works great in the DAW, until it’s time to export it to a finished wav file. When you do that it all of a sudden goes out of sync with everything and is unusable.
I recently upgraded to FL Studio 11 and tried Proteus VX again. I had the same issue when exporting the music, but I found out how to fix it so that you can use this amazing free vst in FL Studio.
Step One.
Open Proteus VX in FL Studio.
Step Two.
Once the VST is open click the gear box/button on the top left corner next to where it says Fruity Wrapper (Proteus VX VSTi)
Step Three.
Click the Tab that says “Processing” and then click the option that says “Use Fixed Size Buffer”
After that you are good to go and the music will export in sync and sound great in your finished project!
*If that doesn't fix the issue on rendering, try going back into the wrapper settings (gear box/button from step 2) and deselecting “Allow Threaded Processing” on the Processing tab

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