Luck Stock Music Marketplace Review

When it comes to the stock music world, Luck Stock is definitely on the rise. The designers of this music library have been able to create one of the most artist friendly, innovative, and promising marketplaces out there.

From a producers standpoint, Luck Stock gives you a ton of options to help license your music. These tools have really allowed Luck Stock to blossom from a small start up to a real stock music music contender.

I wanted to take some time to review this marketplace. I will go over the Pro's and Con's, followed by my overall opinion of Luck Stock.


When it come's to Luck Stock there are a lot of positive things that can be said. One thing that stands out is the selling tools. You can easily create collections to bundle your related tracks for bulk sales. You're also able to set a discounted price to those collections, and Luck Stock gives you a wide variety of social marketing buttons to share your newly created collection.

In addition to the ease of sharing your music, Luck Stock has one of the best and most artist friendly commission splits and affiliate marketing program out there. Right now the split is 50/50 on every purchase which is fair for non-exclusive marketplaces. Every piece of accepted music has an affiliate link on the description page which makes it very easy to participate in the affiliate program.
Below is LuckStock's verbatim affiliate program described:

You'll earn commissions from EVERY purchase of any music or audio by the referred user.
Commission rates you earn:
  1. 30% from paid amount if the user purchases Your item (first and each subsequent purchase of your music, sound or sound effect).
  2. 30% from paid amount of the first purchase by the referred user of any music or audio on the marketplace.
  3. 5% from paid amount of the second and EVERY following purchases by the referred user of any music or audio on the marketplace. 
Luck Stock has a review process for all submitted music which keeps the quality standards uniformed across the market. The review process is fairly quick and the prices are set by Luck Stock. Their pricing model uses a two tiered model which is pretty simple to understand. The standard license and wide license.

The standard license really is designed for internet videos, websites, student films or podcasts while the wide license is designed for  Luck Stock offers a lot of deals on collections, free music, and various other promotions that buyers can take advantage of. As a music contributor you can even run a special on a single track for a duration of your choosing.

There are continuous advances in the search functionality and awesome filters for narrowing your results by tempo, duration, price, keywords, ect.  Once you find something close to what you are looking for you are able to download a low res preview file and try the music in your project before having to worry about a purchasing decision.


As far as the cons go, most of those can be attributed to the fact that Luck Stock is a newer marketplace. The size of the library is not as large as some of the other players out there.

From a sellers perspective the web traffic is not as strong as the more established music libraries, but it seems like it's picking up. Along those same lines, Google search results don't seem to show Luck Stock in the top of any relevant keyword queries.  SEO isn't everything but it is a factor when it comes to bringing in new traffic and new customers.


All the ingredients are there to have a quality music library. I had the privilege of talking with David from Luck Stock and he had this to say.
In 8 months the marketplace was able to attract the most friendly community of more than 400 composers and sound designers, and  already offers 13,000 music and audio for online licensing. The future plans and perspectives of the marketplace are so challenging that it's a just a matter of time when this marketplace will become top-source for selling and licensing royalty-free music and audio.
I happen to agree with him. Luck Stock has quality music, value driven pricing, advanced tools, amazing speed in implementing new technology, and an amazing collection of the best composers in the business. All the tools are in place for success, and now it's just a matter of time. I highly recommend them.

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