YouLicense Review: Do It Yourself Music Licensing

As a musician, it's important to understand your options when it comes to online opportunities. There is nothing more frustrating then wasting your time with something that just doesn't work.

There are many tools musicians and producers can use to help move their music careers forward or at least provide an additional revenue stream. One of the better tools online is YouLicense. This is a great tool for independent music licensing.

I wanted to take some time and review YouLicense and how it's features are helpful for the do it yourself musician.

First, it's important to understand what YouLicense is all about. Basically it's a platform that acts as a music licensing service. So if someone likes your music and want's to use it in commercial media, they can use YouLicense to legally do that. The price is automatically determined by the end use and the license agreement is unique to the offer.

When you have a Pro Account you receive 100% commission on every license and MP3 sale. Compared to other licensing marketplaces, this is a great deal. Most other places charge 50% or more. Buyers interested in licensing a track can contact the musician directly and negotiate a price or use the automated quick license system.

The quick license is great because it allows buyers to instantly license a track and download the music immediately. It works by having a series of questions about the end use of the music, and then generates an appropriate license fee for the use. The pricing is fair and tailored to fit the budget of the project. Once a license is purchased, you and the buyer both get a copy of the agreement which is saved in your account.

Another thing I like about YouLicense is the embeddable widget. It's a great tool to put on your website, blog, or whatever. The widget can be customized and is simple to use. Just copy the embed code, paste it on your website and it works. 

You can try YouLicense free but you are limited. You can only upload 10 tracks under the free account. The fee to upgrade to a pro account runs $29.99 every 6 months but if you're a member of BMI you get 50% off. You can check out more details at: BMI Benefits

The biggest downside to YouLicense is their customer service sucks. It seems like once they built the framework of this platform, they've been letting it run on autopilot. For me, that's not a deal breaker but for others it is. 

Overall, YouLicense is a great platform for do it yourself music licensing and I highly recommend checking them out.

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