Best Music Libraries to License Stock Music

Being a working musician, it's important to know not only the best places to sell your music but to know which music licensing marketplaces have the best reputations. The best music libraries make the grade in four ways. First the best overall quality of music. People want high quality music first and foremost.

The second characteristic that defines the best stock music libraries ease of search. People want quality music that they can easily find. Third quality is customer service. With online music licensing, there is always a chance of a problem. It is a big priority to be able to easily get a hold of someone if their is a tech issue or licensing question.

The final characteristic that defines the best music libraries is an easy to understand license agreement. Basically a clear understanding of what the music license permits. That's how I determined the sites that made this list. One in particular stands out as a leader of the pack and that site is...

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

Pond5 is an amazing resource for media creators. They have a huge library of quality music  and fresh music every day. Their music goes through a review process before it's available in their library. This keeps the quality level consistent across the marketplace.

The search functionality allows you to easily navigate through a large variety of music quickly. You have the option to sort by popularity, sales, date, artist, duration, name, and page views. In addition, Pond5 allows you to download a watermarked mp3 preview to try out the music in your media before you have to make a purchasing decision.

Another nice features is the ability to make collections. This allows you to organize tracks into one spot so you can easily find a them again in the future. Once you've decided to make a purchase, Pond5's license agreement is easy to understand and basically adheres to license it once, use worldwide, in all media, forever.

Also if you did need some clarification there is a fast and responsive support team, an active community forum, and contact buttons in the artist profiles.

Pond5 is not alone and there are a few more great sites that I’d like to suggest below in no particular order:
There are a lot of music libraries out there to choose from but these really exemplify the four qualities which I think are important. Thanks for reading, and please feel free to share, like, or comment below.

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